See you through the fear.

Sure, you could just blindly push through your anxiety, but there are tools to see you through the fear.

This morning I was met with an anxiety attack that got nearly to level ten. At first, I struggled to understand its cause. However, I decided that its cause was irrelevant. Rather, it was how I dealt with it that mattered. So, I closed my eyes and took note of where I was – the sights, the smells and how I was breathing.

Yet despite all my work, I managed to dial down my anxiety only to a solid seven. Similarly, I also decided to say to myself, “This is progress, not a defeat. As it turns out, the way we perceive things can make or break how we feel about not only ourselves, but the way we cope with the wider world.

Negative self-speak is a powerful deterrent, single-handedly derailing our ability to achieve our goals. Whether it’s that dream job or a walk in the park, the way we talk to ourselves is key. For instance, if you are overtaken by anxiety, you avoid. And when you avoid, it can be impossible to achieve your hopes and dreams.

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Avoidance, once a practical reaction to anxiety back in human’s early history, now prevents many from realizing their true potential. Running away from a sabretooth tiger was a particularly good thing. Running away from work…well, that’s where the actual harm is, at least in modern times.

It’s precisely for this reason that I tell people that we must do the opposite of what anxiety tells us to do. The things we fear may be valid, but in most cases, are unlikely to kill us. Therefore, we can and should endeavour to push through the angst.

With that said, I recognize that this is much easier said than done. But there is good news! There are several things that we can learn to help us plow through. For example, learning mindfulness can ground you, bring your anxiety under control and give you the strength to push through.

see you through the fear.

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Important: if you experience anxiety to the point where it disrupts your daily living, reach out. A mental health professional can help.

So, at the end of the day, our fear must not rule our lives. We need to push through it or risk losing out on the best accomplishments of our lives. Finally, make sure you have the skills and help you need to see you through the fear.

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See you through the fear.

See you through the fear.

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