The virus is the earthquake. The mental health crisis is the tsunami.

In my view, the virus is the earthquake, and the mental health crisis is the tsunami that follows.

In the last year and a bit, the world has been met with lockdowns, surges in infection rates and death. All these factors have produced a sense of global uncertainty, job loss and fear.

So, in the last year and some, it’s no wonder we are facing another huge crisis, a Mental Health crisis. While this may be true, I worry constantly that this crisis could see more death than the pandemic itself. Equally troubling, is this question. “Will a rise in menial health conditions be addressed? Will money be invested to prevent it from becoming another global tragedy?

I struggle to understand how the governments of the world have, for the most part, been able to recognize the potential severity that is Covid-19 – yet fails to see the Mental Health crisis in the same light. In my view, the virus is the earthquake, the mental health crisis is the tsunami following.

Mental health, the next pandemic?

So, if this is the case, they should be genuinely concerned. Why? Because in pre-pandemic days, mental health was costing Canada in loss productivity of around fifty billion dollars a year. And now I wouldn’t even be able to guess what the long-term damage will be economically to our nation.

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We must remember that this is just one country alone and as a nation with just under thirty-eight million people, fifty billion is a hefty price to pay. Worse still, it shows that in Canada, we have a problem. Or more specifically, we had a huge problem. Now we are in crisis.

What will the dollar amount be in our future? Well, I’m not an economist, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that the price tag for ignoring such a crisis will exceed $50 billion.

The virus is the earthquake the mental health crisis is the tsunami
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Similarly, I would not be surprised to learn that many nations are in the same boat as Canada. Simply put, failure to do anything about the well-being of a nation, whether it be physical health or mental health, is just plain stupid. It has real consequences to a state’s society; enormous consequences!

If I were to guess why the growing Mental Health crisis isn’t as high a priority for governments, I would have to say the two primary things are:

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  • 1. It feels to me like the trend in business and in government over the last couple of decades, has been a focus on short-term financial gains and little thought into a long-term stable future. Basically, instant gratification is King.

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  • 2. I think that the perception of investing in mental health care is seen as an expenditure. This is because, or so I believe, of this short-term thought process. I mean, is there anybody really interested in the long-term consequences and overall health of a nation down the road? Not when there’s tax cuts for the rich to be had. To summarize, they can’t care for you: they are looking at the next four years way before their first term is up.

What about adopting a proactive approach? Throwing money at things when you’re in the middle of a pandemic, for example, It’s just not wise… Better outcomes can be achieved through pre-planning and investment in the RIGHT areas. Right, my firefighter friends? This is something we do all the time.

Okay, then, what does this mean? It’s wise to invest in the people who are making the wealthy, wealthy, who are paying the majority of the taxes and suffering the most. Hello, we the people want robust mental-health care!

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Whereas a reactive response, well, there is so much more room for costly, and even deadly mistakes. This approach showed its flaws repeatedly during this pandemic. Countless mistakes were made. And now, they are doing the same with mental health. Within the coming months, there will be investment, but it will likely be less than what they cut in the past.

Often, what looks like action, is nothing more than a short-term investment for votes. Sad. We need our leaders to treat us better and let compassion be their guide. We can all be hopeful that one day they do the right thing.

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