I knew it years before the diagnosis

I was your atypical firefighter, in tough and in denial. I knew my injury was getting worse, but I was about to tell anyone that…… Until PTSD made it, so it was do or die. In fact, knew it years before the diagnosis

Shut Up and Listen.

Ever feel panic when someone needs your help emotionally? Fear not, all you have to do is shut up listen, offer support and care.

Celebrate every accomplishment

After completing my new book, The Road To Mental Wellness, I have learned to celebrate every accomplishment I set my mind on.

What I’ve Learned from Writing a Book

Here’s what I’ve learned from writing a book…… One, it’s soooo much work; writing, writing and you guessed it, more writing. Find out what else I learned by becoming an author.

I treasure my own company

I treasure my own company, in fact, I love it. But is it really me that wants to remain a recluse, or is it PTSD and Depression?

No One Left Behind

Inclusivity is a wonderful thing to strive for. However, some are still left out. How can we ensure that there is no one left behind?

Mental Health Awareness

This my fellow citizen of earth is the reason I feel like mental health awareness month is vitally important. Solidary is the solution.

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