Find your new upper limit

Whether you have PTSD, or another mental health condition, the world can be overwhelming but it can be managed. Just find your new upper limit.

With so much going on in our world today, I find it’s easy to find myself thinking “The world has lost all of its compassion.” But is this really true? While it may be tempting to hold this belief, it is far from the truth. Sometimes all we need is to be reminded.

“But John, how do we do this?” you might ask. Well, for me, it takes an abundance of people, coming out of the woodwork and proving me wrong. For example, I have been really struggling. Once again, I let my stubborn disposition get the better of me, and pushed myself, wayyy too far!

When one has PTSD, too much time wandering through busy cafes and loud streets can literally suck the mental energy out of a person. As much as I want to be exempt from the hypervigilance, startle response and aversion to noise, I am not!

How to manage PTSD when in public

I need to get better at saying “John, you can’t do it like you once did.” In the case of mental illness, the old saying “You can do anything you set your mind to,” doesn’t apply.

So then, what can you do? Firstly, learn to be okay with this; find your new upper limit. What does this mean? Well, if you find that you are starting to get overwhelmed by an environment, leave. And if you can’t? Ask them to turn down the music, and find the quietest spot in the joint. Sometimes, all we can do is minimize the damage.

What your wellness journey looks like, can't be compared to another's. So, hang in there and celebrate your own successes. In episode 4, season, 3, the AI driven voice wants us all to hang in there and keep fighting for our mental health.Buy my book, The Road To Mental Wellness a Or on Amazon Follow us Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube—Send in a voice message:
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Learn Something New

Want to strengthen your coping skills? Have a look through these learning programs. Learning something new can help ease symptoms of mental illness

My advice to anyone who’s going through this right now, is to find your new upper limit by recognizing that the mental exhaustion is a precursor for a crash, so, rest….I feel like I’m near crisis when I am overwhelmed. Not always, but regardless, I know I need to extricate myself from society and head for the quiet and the peace.

Take it from me, it can help to save your life.

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