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I will never bend to it’s will

I will never bend to its will, to my mental illness. These things help me stay on top of the fight. Why not give them a try and see.

I will never bend to its will, to my mental illness. These things help me stay on top of the fight

Just days ago I celebrated my forty-fifth birthday. With another year tacked on in this one way trip, I can’t help but reflect on my life. I suppose natural as we age and as far as I can tell, it’s a good thing.

Of course, I find my first thought being that of, “where did the time go.” I mean, man, I’m keeping close to living half a century.

Even though many people find this though stressful, I, on the other hand am damn lucky to be here. For I have very nearly opted to end my life-long struggle with my taxing mental pain. However, I often here myself saying, “I will never bend to its will.

By this I mean, I will keep fighting depresson’s speak, anxiety insistence that it wants to be my friend, and PTSD, well, F@#$ you too! Luckily, I have built a great support system, both through personal connection and professional help.

Ways to alleviate mental illness

It goes almost without saying that this is the foundation for my resolve; because of them, I will keep moving forward. At the same time, I know that I may never escape from the long arm of my mental health conditions; it’s imperative that I am honest with myself about that. Yes, I will have episodes of depression, traumatic episodes too, but I accept that.

The question for me then became; How do I manage these mental illness episodes?

Much to my relief, it turns out that a lot can be done.

For starters, exercise is what I call mother nature’s medication for me. Hitting the gym four days a week is an amazing mood booster. Not only does it boost my mood, it gives me energy to boot.

benefits of exercise

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What this does for me is hold me accountable to ensure that I will never bow to its will, this painful thing called mental illness.

Additionally, I have found mindfulness to be a lifesaver in a sense; although I must admit that the noise of the outside world overruns my attempts to be “in the moment”. Despite this, I find it successful when in low to moderate stimulation.


Perhaps one of the most beneficial things that help me cope is a good diet. Despite knowing that, on the surface, I know eating well is good for you; I personally failed to see just how well a balanced diet works to alleviate mental illness symptoms… It really is transformational.

So, there you have it, the three main tools I implement to minimize my depressive and PTSD episodes. Why not try for yourself and see?

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