Authenticity the way to healing?

Authenticity, the way to healing? What do you think?

When I look back on my life, I think of how often I roamed through the world hiding my true self. For years, I just hid, doing what I didn’t want to do. The thing that held me in place? Fear. But maybe it’s deeper than that. I think when I was younger, I believed that my passions were little more than pipe dreams, not something worth chasing.

For far too long I allowed my thoughts to consume me over how people viewed me. Moreover, I grew up with a whole host of socially-scripted narratives – expectations of who I was supposed to be and how I was expected to carry myself.

In my view, this is a flawed way to think. Even so, we continue to lay the groundwork for how we expect the next generation to conduct themselves. For example, there is a lot of pressure to go to college, get a good job and so on. If one just follows this well-worn path, they will find happiness. But is tramping down the same street as everyone else really the answer for everyone?

Follow your own way

Sure, there are undoubtedly many who find fulfillment while subscribing to this traditional and predetermined way forward, but for those who have a deep urging for something different, their way forward seems forced.

authenticity be the way to healing
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Could it be possible that if people were free to go their own way, that mental illness could be alleviated? Could authenticity be the way to healing?

I am of the option that it just might. When we go against the grain of what we really want out of life, whether it be a career choice or a way of being, if denied, it could produce anxiety. What’s more, eventually those of us who don’t fit the standard box, may become depressed.


If this sounds like you, could releasing your authenticity be the way to healing for you? Could giving yourself permission to be the real you, the one hiding just below the surface, be your way to happiness?

Your own road to mental wellness may very well be the road of going your own way. So, if you do the real you and do what your heart is aching for, you may just find the fog of mental illness start to lift.

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