The simple things that matter.

When it comes to healing, it really is the simple things that matter.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think of the days when I was an active member of my local Volunteer Fire Department. Those days taught me so much in so many ways. Overall though, it made me a much better human being. While this may be true, it has also left a permanent psychological scar, right where my hopes and dreams used to reside. And honestly, I hate it!

Regardless of how much I loathe this injury, there is little I can do about the choices I made to join the fire service at the young age of nineteen; none of us can go back in time.

Likewise, I will never be able to bring back those who lost their lives, many, way before their time. So then, what do I do? I have indeed been working my ass off to try to get back to the land of the living; man I miss those days. But alas, like that of my past, there is little I can do. By that, I mean I can’t snap my fingers and wish the mental pain instantly away.

On second thought, maybe it’s not that there’s little I can do but rather, it’s the little things I can do. If this is the case, then  I have worked on a ton of these little things that have added up over time.


A great example of this is a simple technique I learned in therapy. In fact, the idea is so simple that I thought “that won’t work.” Happily, I was wrong. See, sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

Simple things you can do to boost your mental health.

The simple things that matter.

As many of you may know, nightmares are synonymous with PTSD. They rob you of your sleep and can constantly terrify in the process. This easy to-do task is this: When you awake from a nightmare, take note of anything and everything in the room; try to include as much detail as you can. So, got a nightstand full of knick-knacks sitting on the top? Describe all of them, shape, size and colour. The very act of doing this forces your focus on the here and now; the “now” is where the healing happens. And if for some reason you’re still awake, keep mentally moving around the room. Simple and, personally, very effective. It really is the simple things that matter. I highly recommend it.

Another useful tool to try is simple exercises. Walks are like mother nature’s medication and… it’s free! Take that, big pharma. Despite this one being seemingly obvious, it can seem monumentally difficult to initiate. However, you can’t beat the price and over time, your noggin (as well as body) will love you for it. Try getting a friend or a loved one on board, it will make this venture a lot easier.


Thirdly, don’t take this life you’ve been given for granted. Take stock of all things, big and small that you love and cherish. For me, my family is everything and when we are together, I do my best to soak up every memory made with them. Love – it’s simple and not limited. Our animals are our pet therapy and it’s so easy to get lost in their unconditional loyalty. What I love about taking stock is that it places you in the present and it does so with very little effort.

In conclusion, I really do think it’s the simple things that matter. Not only do they matter because life is too short, they pay off big-time as you travel down the road to mental wellness.

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