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2021, putting our differences aside
Mental Health

2021 Putting Our Differences Aside.

Let’s work hard in 2021, putting our differences aside to fight for normalcy. Together, we can lower the incidence of mental and physical illness.

authenticity be the way to healing
Mental Health

Authenticity the way to healing?

Authenticity, the way to healing? What do you think? In my very, it can go a long way towards helping with mental illness.

3 things
Mental Health

3 Things That Heighten My Gratitude

Out with the negative script and in with the good. Discover the 3 things at heighten my gratitude and keep the good feeling rolling.

Simple things
Mental Health

The simple things that matter.

While we can’t change the past, nor can we defeat the experience of PTSD, we can take baby steps to heal. It really is the simple things that matter.

Where you put your energry
Anxiety Mental Health PTSD

Where You Put Your Energy

Where you put your energy can make a big difference on your healing and propel you down your own road to mental wellness.


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