Woke up exhasted

Woke up exhausted.

Today, I woke up exhausted!

Today as my feet hit the floor, it didn’t take long to realize that I woke up exhausted. Partially because this is how I always wake up. Even on that super rare occasion when I sleep well, I’m still plagued with this chronic and very disappointing tired.

This morning however, it feels like I am done, the tank is on empty. No wonder! With my life in such upheaval at the moment; it is imperative that I get a break. I feel mental illnesses’ intensity, worse than ever. For this reason, I NEED to find a peaceful, low stimulus environment.

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Woke up exhausted
Woke up exhausted.

You know, the damnedest thing about it all is? As of late, whether its good emotion or bad, the result is still the same. Like that of the fuel being burnt in a supercar going at top speed, I quickly expend every ounce of energy I have just trying to navigate through the day.

The good news? Is, I know for certain that I’ve exceeded what I am capable of doing. Therefore, I know for certain that I can do no more. At least until I get a break. Reboot his old bugger.

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Perhaps frustratingly so, today, we humans are not very good at understanding that we are not designed to be perpetual motion machines. Far from it In fact. We are programmed for rest, as are most animals on earth. Basically, we just can’t keep going and going and going. Yet despite the fact that, on some level, we know this, we push on and on and on.

The results? Burnout or worse. Mental neglect can make us m more susceptible to not only physical illness, but also mental illness too. The longer we go, the harder we push, the greater the odds of illness.

How to minimize burnout

Simple right? Wrong! At least for many of us. Without tending to our own needs, listening and responded appropriately to ourselves; we end up in a world of mental trouble. Take me for example, ignoring and pushing forward against my troubles, led me to where I am today; sitting in the parking lot waiting for my psychologist appointment full of PTSD. I have shut and succumb to my refusal to slow down as of late. Sometimes, like one with a physical ailment, once I start to feel better, I push too hard. Yes, with PTSD, there is a price to pay for doing too much.

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This is precisely why I woke up exhausted this morning. Despite having a great sleep, my head feels like a fifty pound kettle bell and my mind is full of mental carbon and angst.

The way I figure it, this tired and foggy disposition will be part of my reality for the foreseeable future. So, if that’s the case, I must accept it and live within its parameters. I will simply work on self-improvement on the days I am able and fight my way through the exhaustion…. You keep going too, ok?

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