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Month: October 2020

What's wrong with that guy?

What’s wrong with that guy?

It's enviable when you see someone angry, you automatically think, "What's wrong with that guy?" But sometimes anger is unavoidable.

In those moments

In those moments

It's in those moments of mental pain that we must remember that we have had good moments in time and thus, we shall once more.

If I'm being honest

If I am honest

If I am honest, my old identity was killing me. But does this mean the helper in my has to die? Of course not.

Putting out the main fire

Putting out the main fire

If you spend all your time focused on the small fires that cause stress, you will never win the day. It's imperative that one focus on putting out the main fire if they hope to have any progress.

Woke up exhasted

Woke up exhausted.

I rarely sleep well, I can thank PTSD for that, but even when I do, I still feel tired. Like this morning, I woke up exhausted.

Walking Towards The Sirens

Walking towards the sirens

The sound of sirens, shatter the beauty all around me but today, I will not be defeated, I will continue to walking towards the sirens.

Unsurmountable odds.

when faced with unsurmountable odds, we in the emergency services do whatever it takes to get the job done. for those of us who now have PTSD, we too must face the daunting task of getting it done.

When ambition meets PTSD

When ambition meets PTSD

When ambition meets PTSD, finding a purpose and a passion for life is made so much more difficult. But in the end it can be something great.


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