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shocked female worker in modern workplace
Mental Health

But you’re too young

How many times have I heard, “But You’re too young?” If mental illness only had an expiry date, it would be clear that we could work.

As long as I can see the beauty
Mental Health

As Long As I Can See The Beauty

As long as I can see the beauty in all that surrounds me, I believe that I can find the end of the road to mental wellness.

old equestrian sculpture with men under sky at bright sundown
Mental Health

The Long Standing Battle

My long-standing battle with PTSD has taught me that there is a silver lining in this never-ending battle, I’m still here.

Where's my glasses
Mental Health

Where’s My glasses

Have you ever asked yourself; “where’s my glasses?” Is it near constant? IF you have PTSD, this could be the reason why.

Doing it wrong wrong for so long
Mental Health

We do something wrong for so long

We human are funny creatures, sometimes we do something wrong for so long, we believe to be right. But is this always the case?

I have the will
Mental Health

I have the will

Can one with mental illness be “on” all the time? Of course not, but that’s ok. for me, I have the will to keep moving forward.


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