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Month: August 2020

When depression speaks

When Depression Speaks

When depression speaks, it takes me out of life and makes me hate the things I love doing the most. Here's how I cope.

Trending buzz words

Trending Buzzwords?

Trending buzz words? Are we ever going to be able to keep the topic of mental illness on the top of societies priority list?

Putting out my own fires

Putting out my own fires

It took me forever to realize that putting out my own fires was essential if I was to survive my battle with PTSD.

In my darkest moments

My Darkest Moments

The world that is my mental illness includes some of my darkest moments but... There is always little slivers of light that shine through.

Pain is pain, period.

Pain is pain, period

While going through life's up and downs, I have come to learn that pain is pain, period. Mental, physical, it's all relevant.

Peace and Stability

Stability and peace.

I think our main goal in life should be to seek out peace and stability. However, it's important to see that it's not a constant.



Mental health conditions can slip under your radar but with mindfulness and the right questions you can start your healing journey.

Critical Incident

A Critical Incident: Yours?

While faced with memories of a critical incident or more, should we suppress their emotional impact on us? Or face them head on?


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