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Damage our mental well-being.
Mental Health

Damage to our well-being

What are the factors that damage our well-being? Maybe it’s the lifestyle we’ve normalized or the food we eat, maybe it’s both.

Our kids mental well-being
Mental Health


In the last decade, we have seen a rise in mental illnesses in our children. So then, how can we fix our kids mental well-being.

Our mental well being
Mental Health

Our mental well-being

In part one, I discuss the impact of working our guts out and it’s impact on our mental well-being. Does this “dream life” cause mental illness?

Incident commander
Mental Health

Incident Commander

The Incident commander is “the” person in charge on the fire ground. When it comes to you’re mental health, you are the one in charge.

Nightmare's aftermath
Mental Health

Nightmare’s aftermath

One of the trademark symptoms of PTSD is the nightmares. How do we fight for a better quality of life when nightmare’s aftermath destroys our days?

Denial is nothing more than a liar
Mental Health

Denial is nothing more than a liar

One thing that took me years to learn is that denial is nothing but a liar. I thought I could deny all things problematic, I was wrong.


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