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Pretty Tough Decisions

Boy, these sure are different times we’re living in, aren’t they? To me, the whole world feels…I don’t know – it just feels different. Not only does it feel different, but there’s also seemingly no end in sight. What’s more, as time goes by and the realities of what this means start to kick in, we will all have to make some unprecedented sacrifice. We can only do this if we make some pretty tough decisions.

Those who know me can tell you, that my philosophical doctrine for living life is: “Do whatever it takes to get what needs to be done, done.” But how does one do that when we as a society haven’t had to? Well, the answer, for me, anyway is because we have to.

When you are in the emergency services, you act in the face of tragedy.

A good example of this doctrine is this: I elected to let my children stay with their mother during this outbreak as they have some people living there with medical vulnerabilities. I felt it was best if we minimized our moving the children around.

Now, a few weeks in, I am really starting to feel the sting of that decision. I miss them so much. But a parent’s job is to do what’s best for their children, no matter how painful. In this case, doing what’s best has been my ultimate sacrifice.

Nature doesn’t care about how we feel.

As it stands right now, when I will be able to hug them again is anyone’s guess. The very thought of not knowing is heartbreaking for me. If it weren’t for video chat, phone calls and text messaging, this situation would be unbearable. That said, I’m no stranger to making pretty tough decisions.

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Throughout my life, I have had little choice to build up my resilience. It’s a skillset that I have built upon through my years-long battle with mental illness and my decade-and-a-half serving as a firefighter.

What has been most helpful to me in this regard is the fire service. When you are in the emergency services, you act in the face of tragedy and come to understand that tough decisions have to be made. Why? Because if you don’t, who will? And if you are unwilling, the outcome could be dire.

You got this! We will be okay.

I have made a lot of personal difficult determinations in my career, and over my fifteen years, I learned that it didn’t matter how I felt. Thus, over time, I became accustomed to doing what I had to, for the greater good.

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Having PTSD as a result of my years of making unfortunate calls and seeing the chaotic side of humanity, I learned one other thing – that nature doesn’t care about how we feel, that we go through unspeakable hardships and unprecedented global health emergencies. It just doesn’t. Therefore, it’s incumbent on us, no matter how hard it is, to make these pretty tough decisions.

tough decisions.

Don’t get me wrong. You’re allowed to feel, and you are certainly allowed to be scared and worry. However, doing the greater good means we must act in the interests of everyone else around us despite it.

We have proven to ourselves that we are mental health warriors by tackling it each and every day. Now, we must do the same in the midst of this health emergency. Like we always say to one another when depression, PTSD, Anxiety, BDP etc. consumes us: “You got this!” We will be okay.

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