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New Hope A New Medication

As this week comes to its conclusion, I look back to see that it has been a busy one. Most notable are the appointments I’ve had with my mental-health professionals – resulting in some pretty psychologically-taxing moments. This week, I walk away with a potential new therapy and new hope, with a new medication.

Firstly, I had my psychologist’s appointment at the beginning of the week; read about it here; My Latest Session. Secondly, I found myself sitting across from my psychologist.

Despite seeing two people on my mental-health team in one week, I made it through relatively unscathed; this, as many of my readers know, is normally hell on my mental well-being.

What’s great about my latest experience going down the road to mental wellness is how seemingly productive it has been. Moreover, I can’t help but be grateful that it all just came together so nicely.

You may recall in an earlier blog post entitled Medication-At an Impasse where I discuss what was essentially the end of the road pharmaceutically. As sad as this may be, my psychiatrist agreed to keep seeing me and encouraged me to keep going to therapy.

It turns out that I am glad that I was able to keep booking with the psychiatrist because this week she provided me with a dash of hope.

As it turns out, there is one more drug that I can take. As a result, uncovered by their diligence, the psychiatrist laid out this option, its pros and cons, and how to introduce it into my treatment plan.

Effectiveness of pharmaceutical treatments for depression.

Although I am naturally hesitant to take yet another medication and endure its potential side effect, I am, however, elated. As a consequence, relief came flooding over me.

A new Hope A new Medication
A New Hope A New Medicatiion

So, despite my hesitation, I agree and as the details are explained to me, I discover that it is for the treatment of depression. Hearing the words “It’s for Depression” added to my sense of happiness, and thus, providing me with new hope.

Moreover, I feel, for the first time in a very long time, that I am going to beat this Anxiety, depression and PTSD. With that said, I will be happy if it puts me in the well-managed category.

What should be included in your wellness plan

So, what has my journey taught me thus far? Well, there are going to be moments of debilitation, feelings of heaviness and despair, and even though you can’t see an end, keep going. Nothing lasts forever, including depressive episodes, moments of anxiety and feelings of dread.

Perhaps the best advice I can give is this: if you have a treatment plan and the mental- health professionals to help you, keep going and don’t let despair deter you from getting better. You can do this!

In closing, let me just say this: if you are having a difficult time getting in to get the help you need, push for your right to get well. I have gone in and bugged them, I have fought for it because I understood that I was fighting for my life. Perhaps, like me, you can find new hope, a new medication.

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