Politics and Mental Illness

Is politics bad for our mental health or is our lack of engagement the issue? Maybe it’s both?

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, it should come as no surprise that we are navigating through very troubling times. The political landscape is such that it can easily cultivate new cases of mental illness. Similarly, it can exacerbate the symptoms of those who are already sick. S,ad to say but politics and mental illness simply don’t mix.

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Although we tend to be passive participants in all things political, we still feel its sting regardless. On one hand, there is a sense that political decisions have little impact on our daily lives – but on the other, there is this pervasive feeling of dread that is being felt around the world. With that, comes a feeling of overwhelming depression for a lot of us.

Our mental health depends on it.

This collective of a sense of loss of control being experienced around the globe frightens a good many of us. Add fear and loss of control together and what do you end up with? You guessed it, Anxiety. For many, this will bloom into a clinically-diagnosable anxiety disorder.

For me, the current affairs dominating our world today are a source of continuous fuel to my mental-illness fire. Having PTSD as I do, this turbulent era is very impactful on my mental health recovery.

We live in an age where death and destruction are everywhere. We need not even go looking for it now – it plays out before our eyes, whether you want to see it or not. We can thank social media for that. A better bulk of what is presented to us is a direct result of political actions or, perhaps just as troubling, their inactions.

It’s clear that politics affect every aspect of our lives, regardless of what we think – from budget cuts to social spending, to acts of war to environmental policy and you guessed it, our mental well-being. So, for the sake of our health, we need to work together to improve our world and thereby alleviate our anxiety and depression.

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Our health and indeed our world needs us to act, to get involved. There are good people in politics, doing good things but they need our help. Please get involved. Our mental health depends on it.

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