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When Talk Has Value

When it comes to a lot of things in life, talk is cheap. But when it comes to your mental health, it may save your life. This is when talk has value.

Ironic Moment
Mental Health

Those Ironic Moments

Life is full of those Ironic moments.those of us who struggle with mental illness find there can be lots of it when trying to get better.

Fake news for the Brain

Fake News For the Brain.

When we are stricken with a mental illness episode, it can tell us who we aren’t. It’s essentially fake news for the brain.

I need to keep trying
Mental Health

I Need To Keep Trying

Since I started down this road to mental wellness, I have tried too many medications to count. Alrhough they haven’t proven helpful, I Need To Keep Trying.

we can do better

New Hope A New Medication

As this week comes to its conclusion, I look back to see that it has been a busy one. Most notable are the appointments I’ve has with my mental health professionals; resulting in some pretty psychologically taxing moments. This week, I walk away with a potential new therapy and a new medication.

Latest Session

My Latest Session

Living in a moment where I am mentally well, I tackle my mental illnesses with resolve and determination. It was helpful when taking on my latest session.


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