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Month: December 2019


Gratitude and Mental Illness

Is being grateful a cure mental Illness, or are they two entirely different things? Here I discuss how I feel about the "Just be grateful" statement.

If I’m Being Honest

Sometimes our mental pain is so tough that we deny the truth, even to ourselves. A tough way to live for sure; What can be done so as to get us to open up?

I Thought I’d Be Cured By Now

Somehow, I underestimated the speed of my recovery. When I first started this blog, The Road To Mental Wellness, I was certain that I would beat mental illness. Not only […]

Walking my way to mental wellness.

Didn’t See It Coming.

Didn’t see it coming: As if anxiety and PTSD weren’t enough, major depressive disorder too? Out of all my mental health conditions, the one I never thought was an option […]


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