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As many of you may know, for over the last month I worked on a political campaign. Many of you may also know how the symptoms of PTSD started off lurking in the background, then ever so slowly overtook me, and by the end of the experience, my symptoms were so pronounced that I ended up spending less and less time in the office.

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As excited as I was at the prospect of having some semblance of a normal routine, next time, I have to be real with myself and understand that a new shot at normalcy isn’t a cure for mental illness. Despite the end result, there are so many great reasons why I don’t regret being brave enough to put myself out there, to let myself be vulnerable.

Admittedly I probably took on way too much. I now know that I need to customize the next round that is more tailored towards my own needs, to work within my own tolerances. With that said, I also got so much out of the experience that it quashed any feelings of regret or failure. So, here’s why I don’t regret being brave enough:

Tips on self-care

  1. I was fighting for change, for metal illness. The only way to make a difference is to get involved. Being a mental-health advocate and  sufferer myself, I aligned myself to the New Democrats because mental health is a big part of their platform. Getting involved helped me advocate for us, asking the leader of the party a very important question. You can read about that here: Wait Times, A Mental Health Question For Jagmeet Singh or watch me ask it here.
  2. I wasn’t only fully embraced by the team, I was trusted with a key part of the campaign, which I am proud of. The people I worked with under this assignment were amazing and so hard-working, as was every person working towards our goals.
  3. The commonalities that we all shared was energizing. It felt like I was part of something bigger than myself, so full of hope.
  4. Finally, the individual friendships I have made as a result of putting myself out there was well worth the mental pain. They all made this part of my journey so much easier.

Coping with mental illness in the workplace 

So, if you were to ask me if taking on this adventure was worth it, despite the mental distress it produced, I would have to answer with an unequivocal yes! Not only did I learn where I am mentally, but I also was given an opportunity to help the team, which I love. Not only that, but I had a sense that I could help make a real difference overall and as a bonus,  made some wonderful, very caring and understanding friends along the way.

if you are suffering from PTSD or another mental illness, please reach out. I thank you for your service and you are still worthy and mean something. I believe in you!

If you are struggling please go here: Crisis Services Canada

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