The Mental Health Solution

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Those who read The Road To Mental Wellness with any amount of regularity, are probably starting to see that I am willing to do whatever it takes to win this battle against mental illness. In fact, I refuse to be a passive observer in my own life. I will not let PTSD, depression and anxiety enslave me to the degree where I can not have at least shorter moments where I get to live and enjoy my life.
So, the mental health solution continues, or at least the battle does. After months and months of waiting, I am finally taking part in a coping skills group. read  Mental Health Care, worth the wait. This group is designed to teach mindfulness skills, it will strive to teach me how to steer myself back into the present moment. 
See, ruminating in the past or worrying about the future, a future that is made of pure fantasy because it is yet to happen, robs one of what’s happening in the now. A good example is when everyone gathers around the Christmas tree on Christmas day. we could be consumed with the anxiety over the money we spent on the kids or we can stop, look around at the people we love and take in the special gathering.
Surrendering our emotions to anxiety or anxiety disorders gives it permission to highjack the moments in our lives, from the mundane to those special occasions that we carry with us for the rest of our lives. 
Looking back at some of the moments I lost to anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, I always regret not immersing myself in what was happening at that time. Every time we stop to take part in the meaningful moments in our lives, a beautiful memory is made.
It helps to know that the human mind wanders, that’s what it does and as a result, is prone to be distracted. Once one knows this, they can stop being their own worse enemy because it’s nor their fault. If you start to wander, bring yourself back to the now, as many times as you need to

Although I may not be keen on being in a group process with thirteen strangers, tough! I need to get better; therefore, I can’t simply sit back and pick and chose or worse, refuse. I know that it can take months to get help so, I see this as a golden opportunity to get better.

Despite the fact that this is a long road to mental wellness, make referrals, follow up with phone calls if you haven’t heard back from your mental health organization, your determination will pay off. I’m rooting for you.

if you are suffering from PTSD or another mental illness, please reach out. I thank you for your service and you are still worthy and mean something. I believe in you!

If you are struggling please go here: Crisis Services Canada

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