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During my year-long up and down adventure walking the road to mental wellness, one of my healing goals is to help others along with the way; hence the book, The Road To Mental Wellness and this blog. But this mission has been much more far-reaching than I ever could have imagined. I am inspired by the response and am grateful to you all.
There have been moments, however, that I have wanted to pack it all in. The voice of my on mental health conditions get the best of me ever now and again. But, through ever bought of PTSD, Anxiety and depression, something always happens to renew my conviction. 
Two things inspire me to pick myself up out of the ditch and resume the uphill journey. One started at the very beginning before the book and blog were born. I originally started reaching out to others in the form of videos on my personal Facebook page, before I had a Facebook page associated with the blog.
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These videos were born out of a deep concern for the number of people that were hiding in the shadows of their mental illnesses, fearful of retribution if they admitted to others what was troubling them within. So, I started to tell my story, especially if mental health ever came up in conversation. The goal? To let those who live in fear know that they are not alone in their battle with the self. I tell it loudly and I tell it proudly. When I started to tell my story via video on social media, I was surprised by the response.
People were, and still, are very inspiring. The outpouring of support was and is nothing short of amazing! They are still sending their regards and telling me to keep going. Perhaps the most surprising to me is the amount of supporters who were calling me brave and very inspiring. Not something I share with those who said such amazing things, but nonetheless, they kept me going.
Secondly, I was propelled forward by those souls who were brave enough to meet me in person to tell me their own mental health stories. I feel incredibly honoured that people would turn to me and ask for help. It’s huge when someone trusts you enough to bare their deepest psychological pain to you. It’s something that I both cherish and hold to the strictest confidence. 
Being a helper, their kindness has given me purpose through my darkest of days and my constant sleepless nights. So, I thank you all so very much for your help in my battle, we are all in this together and hopefully, we can all win our freedom!
Now that I have found my neigh, my passion, I want to extend my reach as far as possible to help those still in the shadows, living in fear of the stigma.
That’s why I wrote The Road To Mental Wellness – The book.  But to reach as many as possible, I need your help. The contributions by people thus far have been amazing, and we are slowly but steadily making our target goals. If you would like to help me reach my target, of $1500 please click the GoFundMe link below. I am beyond grateful for your support. This book is my way of giving back. – Thank You!
if you are suffering from PTSD or another mental illness, please reach out. I thank you for your service and you are still worthy and mean something. I believe in you!

If you are struggling please go here: Crisis Services Canada

Want help fund my book? donate: GOFundMe – The Road To Mental Wellness – The book

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