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Month: August 2019

stylish concentrated man looking in mirror in bathroom

Going Against Your Grain

Can going against your grain really get you what you want? Or will you end up feeling more anxiety because of it? Do what you love.


    The wider world around us is rich with the potential for danger and destruction – and like an animal in the wild, I am on constant high-alert. Although […]

Impending danger

Impending Danger Part 2

In part one of Impending danger: Psychological shock, I talk about how my fight, flight or freeze system is always engaged because of the hypervigilance that accompanies post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, […]

black and white dead die diving

Testing The Familiar Waters

As the depression is defeated by a good night’s slumber, I finally feel mentally well enough to start testing the waters. So, yesterday I made arrangements with a good friend to […]


MDD And The Absence Of Sleep

Lack of sleep For the best part of a week and a half, I have lived among the millions of people who experience the better bulk of their lives in […]


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