Slowly Making My Way To Wellness

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Regular readers of my blog know that this wellness journey  I am on is but a mere crawl for me. I have been off work since last September, buried in pain, nightmares and sudden episodes of unidentifiable dread. Sometimes I feel like a child, playing in an elevator, going from the basement to the first floor and back to the basement. Edging towards improvement is constantly denied and as time shuffles forward, I feel the sting of frustration and despair. Having my mental health moving in slow motion only gives more power to the Depression.

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This frustration and despair are driven by a few key elements, factors that hinder my ability to move forward and towards a life that will allow the pain-free days to turn into weeks. These barriers to my wellness are significant ones, Firstly, there is the medication issue. Most of the drug treatments used to combat depression, anxiety and PTSD are rendered ineffective because of the anticonvulsant medication I take for epilepsy. Over the past ten months, the psychiatrist has tried me on half a dozen or more SSRIs with little to no effect. I am grateful, however, that therapy has made everything less intense.

Secondly, the outside world overwhelms me to the degree where I find myself having to leave a crowded restaurant, store or any other venue with loud music, tons of banging and clanging and over the top loud people. The very noisy and unintentionally inconsiderate world is amplified by two factors; one, my PTSD and two, I am wired to be a highly sensitive person

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People with PTSD and who are HSPs share some of the same qualities, the most prominent is being overwhelmed by their surrounding environment.  Being both and having little success in treatment makes the wider world very difficult to navigate.

If you have similar challenges, perhaps you can implement the strategies I use. I look for:

  • Quiet, smaller cafes and eateries.
  • Spend less time in busy spaces, leave when I have to
  • Exercise and Diet
  • Rest when I need to
  • I understand my limitations – I’m no longer hard on myself for my afflictions and how I am wired.

Although progress is severally stifled for me, I am still steadfast in my resolve, I will live again. I will not be a slave to my mental health conditions, but I have to continue to learn my tolerances.

As for you, keep going! Even if it seems too overwhelming to continue, try all the resources above and then some. If you customize your life, more happy times will be your reward.

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