What’s In Your Wellness Tool Kit

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Living in the realm of mental illness is a constant, never-ending battle. I hate it and I’m willing to bet if you also suffer from a mental health condition, you do too. I often think to myself;  “How will I ever survive?”

This question has been running through my mind for as long as I can recall. And, For as long as this question has lived in my head, I have given this question just as much air time; “What do I have to do to combat my, In this case, generalized anxiety disorder?” Acting as my own advocate, which I highly recommend, by the way, led me to take a solution-based approach to both of these questions. If I was going to be plagued with GAD’s unpleasantries for the rest of my life, I damn well better find a way to manage its symptoms.

One solution I found to mitigate the tense, pacing body and racing mind’s never-ending worry produced by GAD, was weight. It makes me feel calm, at peace and I find that I get a better night’s sleep. In my work in the meant health field, I have seen first hand the benefits of a weighted blank; the science of a weighted blanket suggests that they play a roll in regulating stress. A word of caution, avoid using on children. One of the major drawl backs of a weighted blanket beside the fact that you can’t use them with kids is their cost. I have seen some as much as 300 dollars, out of the price range for someone such as myself who is off work and also needs to eat. However, I have run across one on Amazon for just under $100. If interested, Find here:

For me, better sleep means I can face the day with much more in the tank. So, when I am feeling anxious, I can employ other mental health tools to help me circumvent an anxiety event. Tools like mindfulness and deep breathing. These therapeutic tools seem to have more punch when I am rested. 
By combining all of these interventions it can have a domino effect, weighted blanket = more sleep, better sleep = more effective coping strategies and in turn, I feel less anxious, irritable and feel calmer, productivity goes through the roof.

So, what’s in your mental health tool kit? What techniques do you use to minimize your mental illness symptoms? Maybe all you need is some weight at night to help you drift off at night? For more help with anxiety click here:

Managing anxiety

if you are suffering from PTSD or another mental illness, please reach out. I thank you for your service and you are still worthy and mean something. I believe in you!

If you are struggling please go here: Crisis Services Canada

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