Walking My Way To Mental Wellness.

While travelling down the highway of life, my mental health condition took the wheel and lead me down a dark and lonely road.

If I keep trying, I will walk my way toward mental wellness


While I was travelling down the highway of life, my mental-health condition took the wheel and led me down a dark and lonely road. This unseen entity has led me down some pretty isolating paths, but somehow I always managed to fight for control over my journey and steer myself toward normality. Now, I find myself walking my way to mental wellness.

Running through some of my battles I waged with mental illness, I can see that I always seem to end up the victor. Sure, some battles were longer than others while some sent me home wounded. The last battle, I was mentally injured enough that I had to take time off work… But, I always bounced back. 
I recovered because I decided to take
 I exercised, ate well and sought out more than one mental health professional. I wanted to get to the bottom of what was causing me so much pain.
Because I am a fighter, I always ended up managing my illness sufficiently enough to return to work and thus to the living once more. But as we all know, when you are at war you’re bound to take a beating, and some beatings are worse than others.


This last round not only took me down the road to mental anguish, but it also flattened the tires, pulled the spark plug and threw away the keys. What happens when you are stranded beside a dark dingy road? You wallow for a while and then resign yourself to the fact that walking for help is your only option.

Deflated by the latest and most damaging incursion, I have been slowly walking my way to the road to mental wellness and although I am exhausted from the inclement weather produced by Anxiety, depression and PTSD, I will keep going, even if I have to crawl my way back to the top of the mentally-healthy mountain.

I want you to know that, although a tough road to venture down, it is, nonetheless one you can handle. Always keep in mind who and what it is you are fighting for, and you will win more days than you lose.

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If you are suffering from PTSD, please reach out. I thank you for your service and you are still worthy and mean something. I believe in you!

If you are struggling please go here: Crisis Services Canada


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