At The Psychologist’s Office

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Arriving early because my anxiety wouldn’t have it any other way, I think to myself saying, “I DO NOT want to talk to the psychologist today, I’m just going to sit there and have a nap.” After imagining how silly that would make me look; I grab the keys from the ignition and yank the door handle, I very reluctantly drag my ass to the office. The office administrator is at her desk and all I can think is, “great I’m going to have to talk to them.” I keep the conversation to an absolute minimum, trying to seem busy on my phone. Just as I start writing this blog post in an attempt to avoid contact with her, I get called in. I loathe this afternoon, the bed is all I can and want to think about.

The psychologist notices right away that I am not at all in good form, and she relays her hunch to me and says something to the effect of, ” It looks like a day when you just needed to stay home.” Her suspicion was spot on. I immediately confirm it with her. The rest of the session was centred around mitigating my nightmares from PTSD. Which, to my surprise, I was an active, yet spaced out and not all that present participant. Despite feeling like someone was trying their best to pull me straight through freshly made jello, some progress was made and I now have even more tools in my repertoire that I plan to put into practice tonight.

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Now I am on the other side of the psychologist’s appointment and am once again in the safety of my home. I am now experiencing a great sense of relief as I no longer am obligated to go beyond my front door again today, and after I conclude this blog entry, (which is mentally painful by the way)…LOL! I plan to melt into my sofa and shut the world off. When I need to rest, I do so and do so without shame, and most times, without guilt either. Pushing yourself when defeated and exhausted is very counterproductive to the mental wellness journey in my experience.

Although wading through the muck today was monumentally difficult and extremely taxing on my mind, I did it! I’m proud that I was able to overcome my interior adversity and do what I have to make my way towards mental wellness once more. I see it like this: If one must have life-saving surgery they will jump through hoops and face great pain and discomfort, all in an effort to do what it takes to live. Sadly and sometimes tragically, we often remain idle when we are mentally ill. Even though just as dire in many cases, we allow fear and denial to win us over and surrender to its overwhelming powers; almost as though it’s the natural response to a mental health emergency. Why though? We all know and understand just how deadly ignoring it can be. Why then is it not seen in the same light as a physical medical emergency? Injury is injury and pain is a pain, the ultimate consequence for ignoring both is the exact same!

So you see, I had little choice but to go to my mental wellness professional and attend to my very serious and very painful condition. I cannot and must not give in to the ills that plague me. I want to work and be productive, I desire a happier life and I have so many loved ones whom I want to see reach their full potential, share the holidays with them, and make beautiful memories as a result. I am very proud of the baby steps I have been making, progress is progress after all. Yes, it’s tough, no I don’t necessarily want to get up every day from another sleepless night and fight but dammit I’m gonna.

Be assured that you too can win the day and have your life back, one small step at a time. We all hide behind a smile and the phrase “I’m good!” when asked how we are, and we all make our internal battles a private affair, but what we ought to be doing is banding together to form a vast support network for healing. We might be better served if we start helping the not afflicted to better understand that the struggles we face are real, that we hurt and are in need of their compassion and kindness. We also need to give ourselves permission to acknowledge how serious our situation is and how much worse it can get without proper intervention.

There are people out there who know your pain, who are willing to try to understand and walk the rocky road beside you. Allow them to be the support you need, your pride and your fear be damned.

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4 thoughts on “At The Psychologist’s Office

  1. I try and try to make people in my life understand my struggle with Depression and Anxiety. Lately, it's been the anxiety that is more the problem….I don't even know how to deal with it, let alone how to tell others how to deal with it in regards to me. I have been to different mental health professionals many many times, who have given me lots of tools to deal with my illness, they just don't seem to work. Or, I should say, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Honestly I just feel like I have given up trying to make others understand me. How can I ask it of them when I refuse to understand myself? It is definitely a struggle.

  2. Hi Anonymous. First off, I read you comment more than once , I did so because each time I did I came to the same conclusion, that you are strong! I can understand how you feel about seeing the professionals and feeling the defeat of nothing working. I can tell you that I have going through the same thing and got to the point where I was lost. I also knew that the only people who could help me were the professionals. So I went to another and yet another until I found the one for me. If you don't give up it will pay off. Unfortunately, you play the long game when it comes to your mental wellness journey. Practices your skills when you feel well, memorize them and see how that works. Take care of yourself and keep moving forward, everyone here sees that it's a tough road but we are in your corner, you are not alone in the fight. Exercise is a god sent for many….give that a try.Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read my posts. If you haven't already, and you feel comfortable with it, follow and subscribe, the new posts will land in your inbox. 🙂 Don't ever feel that you have to through, its always optional.

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