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"I wrote The Road To Mental Wellness as a therapeutic release, I published it, hoping it might help others."

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The Road To Mental Wellness


Written for therapeutic release, published to help others
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The Road To Mental Wellness


There was a day – not long before I finished this book and sent it bumping towards the production pipeline – that I was feeling really quite good, at peace. And it was when I was going to end my life. If I had, obviously, there’d be no book in your hands now, or at least a very different one, cobbled together by a co-writer, a colleague, a friend.

            What, you might wonder, makes someone want to end their life? When there’s the feeling of “enough is enough.” But not just in a vague, everyday kind of way. It was as if I was drowning, and could barely move my feet. I’d also seen and done things in my life – as a firefighter and first responder – no one should have to see. And I’ve had some terrifying and flat-line-depressing experiences. Over and over. I’ve also been a counsellor, helping others with major issues like depression, PTSD and addictions abuse. I know they have depended on me at times, and it has meant the world to me to help people, as I’ve always been moved to do. But now their “rescuer” has had it.

            So...heading out to end my life. As the details at the end of this book show, I took steps to prepare myself...for what? Useful items to take with me in case I didn’t do “the deed,” and found all I needed was some little refuge away from home. That’s the way suicide thoughts sometimes go, back and forth, up and down.

            And sometimes when you decide to end it all – personally I can speak only for myself – you get this really good feeling. Anyone seeing me toss my backpack into my brand new 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid might have thought I was going off on some pleasure jaunt. I’m sure I was even smiling. Now, just think about this. It could be that some of those people – young men, women, all folks – who look peacefully happy while they pack up their car with personal belongings, might be going off to meet death.

            And I’d had this car for only a few weeks. A waste, you might think? Not necessarily, if I could manage to do “it” in a way that didn’t mar the car, even if it made a mess of me.    Anyway...I found myself driving along, singing one of George Michael’s ballads about being loved. Loooooved. And then I had a crash...and hit something. But this wasn’t the way I’d planned it. And it shook me up so much, even for just a minute or two, that I felt, I swear, some of the proverbial life flash before my eyes. The life I’d meant to end. The life I’d lived for forty-odd years. The life that was taken over, now and then, by a monster, two monsters. Depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

            Maybe you suffer from this yourself, maybe you know someone who does, maybe you know nothing but are willing to find out...and maybe you’re a professional who would welcome a full-fledged account from one guy pumped full of medications, therapists and (mis)diagnoses.

            Join me for this ride. It may help you see why I’d decided to take that “final ride” – the one that didn’t quite work out as I’d planned. And that, I figure, is for a reason. Because my time here is not done yet.

            I’ve got too much to do. Maybe because of all my blogging, podcasts, counselling, posting – and now this book and I hope others – I’ve been called an Influencer. 

            Proper job description or not, I’ll take it. The process of getting there was a long one, and it’s ongoing. And I hope it has meaning for your own journey. We are on that journey together.


“No matter how dark our days are, fighting for your life means that you search for any sliver of light, any sign to keep going on your own road to mental wellness.”


  • Jonathan Arenburg.

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"Trevor said this about The Road To Mental Wellness:

"The sequence in which you describe your childhood experiences and simultaneously explain the impacts they had on you is very engaging. The way in which you revealed the events was deeply enlightening. Very profound work. Well done.!"

Trevor OpioReader

"The book made me go into the shoes of the writer and yet feeling that somehow I may have been in the same situation at some points in my life in a different context. The vivid storytelling of his experiences helped me as a primary school teacher understand on another's point of view how my pupils would be suffering at their tender age".

Jaynie OcampoEducator

Exceptionally written, highly motivational and thought provoking read! With the writer's perspective vivid in your mind and truly captivating you by leading you through his journey, intertwined with messages of hope and endearing persistence, he's telling you of the raw while showing you the strength it's taken. This book truly shows the power of taking control of your mental health journey and never giving up!'

Kaitlyn WalkerReader

Those who made The Road To Mental Wellness Possible

Winnie Czulinski


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Catherine A. MacKenzie


Book layout/Formatter

Dr. Stephen Schneider. PhD.

I want to thank all those who have work extremely hard to Make The Road To Mental Wellness A Reality... 

Without your professionalism and generosity, this book would not have turned out as wonderful as it has...

It has exceeded my expectations


Thank you all so much! Much Love!



Angelina Obritsch

Front cover photo and design

Average Jane Photography 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jonathan Arenburg?

Jonathan Arenburg is a mental health blogger, Speaker, writer, wellness coach and published author; He is also the host of the mental wellness podcast, #thewellnesstalks

He has also appeared in the i'Mpossible's Lemonade Stand III. He has also been a contributing writer for Mental health talk, a column in his local paper. In addition, he has also written for the mental health advocacy organization; Sick Not Weak.

Jonathan has also appeared on several mental health-related podcasts Including: A New Dawn, The Depression Files, Books and Authors, and Men Are Nuts. More recent appearences include, Laug4aPuroppose podcast


Since being put off work because of PTSD, Jonathan has dedicated his time to his mental wellness journey while helping others along the way.

Educated as an addictions' counsellor, he has dedicated most of his professional life of eighteen years, working with those who have intellectual disabilities, behavioural challenges, and mental illness.

He has also spent fifteen years in the volunteer fire service helping his community.

Why Did I Write The Road To Mental Wellness?

When I went off work because of PTSD, I was left in limbo while I waited to see if I would be awarded Workers Compensation. It was long and painful, hanging in the darkness of my home.

So, I began to try and figure out this PTSD thing; how did I get here? I was a firefighter, so I knew that much but my battled with anxiety and depression was a life-long battle.

I began to write out my story, mostly to help quell the angst of being lonely and in mental illness purgatory. It helped - immensely. I survived the dark because of it.

Now, it's here - written for therapeutic intervention and published in hopes that it can do the same for you or someone you know.....

"you're not alone on your Road To Mental Wellness.”


What Can I Expect from Reading The Road To Mental Wellness?

As mentioned, I wrote it to help others work towards their way to mental wellness. However, the readers do a wonder job of explaining what can be gained from reading it So, I will let them tell you


Reader Reviews of The Road To Mental Wellness

Where Can I Buy The Road To Mental Wellness?

You can buy The Road To Mental Wellness At the Following:

Amazon (Kindle Version Available)


Note: You Can order it from here - (see pics of book cover to order)

See maps below for physical locations.

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The Road To Mental Wellness - Blog

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