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Author Jonathan Arenburg Presents:

The Road To Mental Wellness

The Road To Mental Wellness - “What they didn’t understand, is that behaviour always happens for a reason and that reason. What is

t’s difficult to say when my dance with the mental illness devil began. I think back to being around four years old, when I had this thing about holding the doors

open for people. It was almost like a contest with myself to see how much I could do it and how helpful I could be. “I will, I will!” But now I’m wondering if I was opening the door to something terrible, dark and unseen, something that would almost destroy my life – and certainly change it forever.

And it was invisible. I’m sure that had I been able to see it, I would have slammed the door shut, even at four years old. If it had claws, a long scaly tail, terrible teeth, angry eyes, mouth breathing stinking fire…yes, I like to think that even at that tender age, my instinct would have been to stop it coming in.

Author Jonathan Arenburg posing on the cover of his book, the road rto mental wellness

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August 23, 2022

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The Road To Mental Wellness Recognized in the Nova Scotia Legislature.

 On March 31, 2022, Jonathan was recognized in The Nova Scotia Legislature by the Honorable, Chris Palmer, Kings-North MLA, for his Book, The Road To Mental Wellness, his fight to make the mental health care system better. In addition, Chis acknowledged the support he gives to others. Thanks for supporting The Road To Mental Wellness

July 7, 2022
Met with the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions

Recently, I was presented with a certificate from The Honorable Chris Palmer Kings West MLA and the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, The Honorable Brian Comer for my mental health advocacy and for my book, The Road To Mental Wellness Which you can buy here: I was deeply touched and honored to have been mentioned in the Nova Scotia legislature and to have the opportunity to have one-on-one with the Minister.
We can all have an impact, if we try our best. Thank you for supporting The Road To Mental Wellness
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The Road To Mental Wellness

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